Kristianstad, Hovrätten 20

Kv. Hovrätten 20

Östra Storgatan, Kristianstad

rental Apartments

In the middle of central Kristianstad there are 17 rental apartments. The apartments are located on Östra Storgatan 20, just behind the historic Kronohuset on Stora Torg! Urban accommodation with everything from smart 1-room apartments, bright 2s and 3s with fringed balcony to 4-room apartments in the form of terraced houses in the courtyard.

Planned move-in date: Immediately.

Viewing: 12/7 at 11:00 to 11:30. Mandatory registration to, note that it is still a construction site so it is important to arrive well in advance. Collection at the gate.

For more information:
Maria Brolin Glennow, 0704-229235

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Property designation
Kv. Hovrätten 20
Street address
Östra Storgatan
Östra Storgatan, Kristianstad

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