Helsingborg, Kv. Siv

Kv. Siv

Kurirgatan, Helsingborg

Rental Property

K-properties has built 12 apartments on Kurirgatan, the Siv block in Helsingborg.

With cycling distance to all the trade in the city center and close to Pålsjöskog, you achieve everything you could wish for accessibility and recreation. The apartments consist of the same high standards that characterize all our new productions: Ballingslöv kitchen with granite countertop, fully tiled bathrooms with their own washer and dryer, dishwasher and built-in Micro as well as carpeted oak laminate flooring.

All apartments have their own patio in the form of attic or ground floor with grass carpet and tiling.

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Property designation
Kv. Siv
Street address
Types of homes
60 – 76 kvm - 2 rok
60 – 76 kvm - 3 rok
Kurirgatan, Helsingborg

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