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A. What is personal data and what is processing of personal data?

Any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person is personal data. Thus, a lot of things can be considered personal data. This includes not only names and addresses, but also, for example, information about an identifiable person’s finances and video and audio recordings.

In principle, everything that happens to personal data is considered personal data processing. This includes collection, storage, management, sharing and deletion. All digital processing constitutes processing and in some cases also analog processing.

Certain rules apply to the processing of personal data. In this document, the companies in the K-Fast Group (“K-Fast”) describe how we process personal data.

B. Who is the controller of my personal data?

The data controller for the processing described below is:

For tenants: the K-Fast company indicated on your rental contract and invoices.

For potential tenants: K-Fast Holding AB (publ), 556827-0390, is the data controller for expressions of interest and the rental process. Responsible from the time we make an offer to sign a lease and for the conclusion of the contract
(including any negotiation of contractual terms) is the group company that owns the property (indicated, among other things, on the rental contract).

For suppliers and suppliers’ contact persons: the K-Fast group company with which you or your company has entered into a contract.
This is stated in the supplier contract.

For CCTV: the K-Fast company that owns the property in question. Which company this is for each address is stated below under camera surveillance.

For all other processing, K-Fast Holding AB (publ), 556827-0390, is the data controller.

If you are unsure which company is the controller for the processing of your personal data, please contact us and we will help you.

When a subsidiary is the controller, K-Fast Holding AB (publ), 556827-0390, is also the joint controller with the subsidiary. The subsidiaries and K-Fast Holding AB (publ) have agreed that K-Fast Holding AB (publ) has the primary responsibility for fulfilling the obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation and related regulations on personal data processing. The companies have appointed K-Fast Holding AB (publ) as the joint contact point.

In this document, K-Fast is used as a common name for the companies responsible for personal data.

K-Fast’s postal address is K-Fastigheter, Bultvägen 7, 281 43 Hässleholm. You can also contact us on 010-330 00 69

C. Where does K-Fast get my personal data from?

In most cases, it is you who have provided us with your data. If you are the contact person of a company (legal person or sole trader), your data may also come from the company or another contact person. If you are a sole trader, your data may come from a contact person. Similarly, data on you as a co-applicant for a flat/place may come from the other applicant and data on you as a tenant for a flat/place may come from a person who is also included in the rental contract. Data about you working for one of our contractors on our construction sites or in our buildings may come from your employer (often through one of your colleagues).

Some data only arise when we enter into a contract with you, such as the details of the flat rented and the rent in a tenancy agreement. Data on whether rent/invoices have been paid comes from our bank.

If the information otherwise comes from someone other than you, this will be indicated below (under point F). Thus, unless otherwise stated, the information comes from you, or one of the above-mentioned parties.

D. Do I have to provide my personal data to K-Fast?

As a starting point, there is no legal or contractual requirement or obligation for you to provide any of your data to us, nor can there be any consequences if you choose not to provide it.

However, if you want to register your interest in renting with us, you will need to provide certain personal information about yourself. Providing this information is voluntary, but if you do not, we cannot register you as interested. The same applies for us to be able to receive an expression of interest in a company from you as a contact person. However, consent to marketing in connection with an expression of interest is entirely voluntary.

Furthermore, if you are considered for renting an apartment from us, you will be required to provide certain supporting documents and references (see point F.2 below). Providing this information is of course voluntary, but we ask you to do so in order for us to choose to enter into a rental agreement with you. Similarly, accepting an offer of a viewing is optional, by registering for the viewing. For security reasons, we ask you to register in order to attend the viewing.

We also ask you to provide certain information (see below) so that we can conclude a rental contract with you; without this information, the contractual relationship cannot be completed. The same applies to the conclusion of a rental, supply or acquisition contract with a company through you as a contact person. It is otherwise optional for you as a contact person of a company to provide us with information about you, but it is necessary if you are to represent a company in matters relating to the rental relationship.

Below (under point F) it will be indicated whether you as a tenant and other persons concerned are required or obliged to provide us with your data. It will also indicate the possible consequences of your failure to provide the information in such a case. If there is no mention of whether you have to provide the data to us, you are not providing the data to us.

E. Will K-Fast share my personal data with anyone else?

Like other companies, we use a bank/financial institution to receive payments and manage our payment flows and our accountant audits our accounts. These actors are data controllers for their processing. Our sharing of your data with these actors is done solely for the purposes set out below (namely contract fulfillment/invoicing and accounting/auditing). Furthermore, we share your personal data within K-Fast, as described below (under point F.5). Some additional cases where we share your personal data are also listed below (under section F).

In addition, we have engaged a number of data processors, who process your data on our behalf and in accordance with our instructions. The identity of these processors is set out below (under point I).

We will not otherwise disclose the personal data we process as a data controller to anyone else, unless we are required to disclose it to an authority in accordance with a legal obligation to protect our legal rights.

F. How does K-Fast process my personal data?

The tables available via the link below indicate which of your personal data we process, the purpose of the processing, the way in which the personal data is processed, the legal basis for the processing and how long we keep the data. Please note that the same data may be used in different processes (“boxes” below) and then for different purposes and with different lengths of time. The fact that deletion takes place within the framework of one process does not mean that the data cannot remain with us, within the framework of another process. For example, rental notices (and the information contained therein) are saved in our accounts long after the tenant has moved out and other information has been deleted.

Read more about how we handle your personal data

G. Use of the data

The personal data, which K-Fast processes in its capacity as a data controller, will only be used for the purposes stated in this document. The data will not be used on our initiative for automatic decision-making or so-called profiling of you.

H. Cookies

All the information we collect using cookies on our websites is anonymous and does not contain any of your personal data, such as name, IP address or e-mail address. Information about you visiting our websites cannot be tracked by us.

To read our full cookie policy, click here.

I. Our data processors

In the event that K-Fast engages processors or sub-processors for the processing of personal data, such processing will be carried out on our behalf and in accordance with our instructions.

K-Fast has the following processors who process the personal data in question for us:

  1. IT infrastructure (e.g. IT support and switchboard)
  2. Property management system (cloud solution)
  3. Financial systems/invoice scanning (cloud solution)
  4. System for fulfilling obligations under the insider rules (cloud solution)
  5. Electronic personnel ledger and backup systems (cloud solutions)
  6. Contract creation and signing systems (cloud solutions)
  7. Newsletter subscription system (cloud solution)
  8. Email (cloud solution)
  9. Email system via website forms (cloud solution)
  10. Document management system (cloud solution)
  11. Security company
  12. Property management company

J. Will my data be transferred to third countries?

We will not transfer your data to countries outside the EU/EEA.

K. What rights do I have as a data subject?

Below is an overview of your rights. Please note that not all conditions for, and exceptions to, these rights are listed.

Right to information and access to information (“register extracts”)

You have the right to be informed about which of your personal data we process as data controllers. That right is provided by this document. You also have the right to access your personal data and certain additional information about the processing (“register extracts”).

Right to erasure

You have the right to erasure of your personal data under certain conditions. However, we have the right to refuse a request for erasure in certain cases, including where there are legal obligations that prevent such erasure.

Right to restriction of processing

Furthermore, in certain cases you have the right to request restriction of our processing. Restriction means that the personal data is marked so that it is only processed for certain limited purposes for a certain period of time.

Right to data portability

You also have the right to request that the data you have provided to us, and where our processing is based on your consent or a contract with you, be transferred to you. If a transfer directly to a third party is technically possible, you can choose this instead.

Right to object

You have the right to object to the processing operations we carry out on the basis of a balancing of interests, or the performance of a task carried out in the public interest, on grounds relating to your particular situation. As a data controller, it is then up to us to demonstrate compelling grounds for our processing which override your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms (however, we have a right to process your personal data to defend our legal claims, if any).

You always have the right to object to personal data processing used for direct marketing purposes, in which case the processing must cease (for marketing purposes).

Right to be free from automated decision-making and profiling

You have the right to opt out of decisions based on automated decision-making, including profiling, that produce legal effects concerning you or otherwise significantly affect you.

Right to withdraw consent

Where personal data processing is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time, with effect for the future.

To exercise any of these rights, you can contact us at any of the contact details listed above. If you need assistance, please contact us and we will help you.


You also have a right to complain about our processing of personal data to a supervisory authority for personal data matters. If you live, work or believe that the incorrect processing occurred in Sweden, you have the right to turn to the Swedish supervisory authority, which is called Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten.

L. Amendments

In the event that this document is amended while we are still processing your personal data, we will notify you, to the extent required by applicable data protection law. If there is a fundamental change in our processing, or if the change is otherwise likely to have a relevant and substantial impact on you, such mandatory notification will be made before the new version becomes applicable.


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