Helsingborg, Kv. Siv

Kullavägen 45, 3 ROK - Vån 1

Kullavägen, Helsingborg


In the attractive Berga area of Helsingborg lies the property Siv, which was built and completed in 2017.
With cycling distance to all the trade in the city center and close to Pålsjöskog, you achieve everything you could wish for accessibility and recreation.

The apartment has an entrance with tiled floors, other rooms with oak-laminate flooring, white walls and open floor plan with nice light entry. The kitchen is from Ballingslöv with white shutters and black granite countertop and dishwasher. Furthermore, the apartment has a fully tiled bathroom with shower and its own washer and dryer.

The apartment has a balcony and is located on floor 1/5.

  • Hot rent of SEK 9,253 / month incl. 17 TV channels from com home.
  • Moving in 2020-07-01
  • Parking is available for rent outdoors SEK 300 / month or in garage SEK 640 / month

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Property designation
Kv. Siv
Street address
Kullavägen 45
60 kvm
3 rok
9 253 SEK/month
Kullavägen, Helsingborg

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