Environment & Quality

Our quality work

  • Our tenants must be treated with commitment and respect at all times.
  • We must be available to our tenants.
  • We constantly work to develop in all areas – project, construction and management – and our aim is for our improvements to benefit our tenants.
  • We are committed and have respect for our tenants’ ideas and views in order to create better homes and properties.
  • We want to be able to offer our employees a secure working environment where the sky’s the limit and where opportunities to develop and grow, both as a person and professionally, are provided.
  • We are determined to run a sustainable business at every stage. Being able to offer good working and living environments is therefore an important aspect of running our business.
  • We always want to keep our promises – not just at the right quality level but also within the right time.

Here at K-Fastigheter, quality is absolutely crucial when we build, manage and refine our properties. It’s only through high quality that we can achieve our main objective – truly sustainable property ownership in the long term.


Our environmental work

  • We strive to minimise our impact on the environment in both new constructions and renovation. All construction and renovation projects must be carried out with great care and with special regard to both environment, health and safety.
  • We shall focus on energy savings in all property management and new construction.
  • Our aim is to develop our construction methods in an even more environmentally friendly direction.
  • We impose high environmental standards on our contractors and suppliers with regard to transport, waste management and environmentally-friendly building technologies.
  • We shall avoid burdening the environment unnecessarily by keeping our properties in excellent condition.

For us at K-Fastigheter it’s important to contribute to a healthy environment. Environmental considerations must pervade every part of our business and must be factored into all decisions.