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being our tenant

Homes for you who want a higher standard.

Do you want an attractive apartment that extra quality?
Then K-Fastigheter is the landlord for you.

Thanks to our well-developed intuition when it comes to finding excellent property locations that are in great demand, you can choose between beautiful park environments, locations close to the centre of a town or village or locations surrounded by nature.

An attractive home

Our aim as a property owner is to offer attractive homes with high standards of comfort and quality in safe, popular areas. Thanks to the fact that our property stock is well documented – from overall construction solutions to the smallest spare part – our properties are also associated with high levels of reliability. But if any faults do occur, we can resolve them quickly!

Because our tenants’ safety is important to us, we have also made a conscious investment in local management that is characterised by accessibility and service-mindedness. If anything unexpected happens, we are only a phone call away and you can contact us around the clock.

General information about being our tenant

As our tenant, we have a joint responsibility for your home, we appreciate that your apartment is kept in good condition. The maintenance obligation includes the interior of the apartment, for example; replacing plugs, light bulbs and keeping your apartment whole, clean and in a well-kept condition. Service and repair needs can be reported to your landlord via a fault report on My Pages, My Pages you get access to in connection with moving into your new rental apartment, where you also have access to your Bopärm with all the information you need to feel comfortable with us as a landlord and manager of your property.

Change of address

National registration at Skatteverket:

Change of address can be done as follows:

Home insurance

Our properties are insured through Nordeuropa insurance. It is important to point out the importance of you as a tenant having home insurance to insure your property. We as a landlord are not responsible for damage to the tenant’s property, which may have arisen in connection with or because of the tenant’s use of the property.

Our app

When you become our tenant, you have access to our app, which gives you quick and easy access to information about your neighborhood and your home. Download the app by searching for “K-Fastigheter”. You activate access to My Pages when you move into your new home by visiting our website www.k-fastigheter.se where you can easily register your account with BankID.

Cleaning upon moving out

There is a lot to think about when moving from your apartment. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a Remember-list with some important points.

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